Monday, December 14, 2009

Two Huge Events Coming Up!

This Sunday come and join us for the 1st Raw Food Pot Luck at
Catch A Healthy Habit Cafe Fairfield!
*Bring a RAW food dish for 6-8 + bring serving utensils
*Bring eating utensils & plates too!
4:30pm socialize // 5:00 intro self & dish// 5:15 EAT!
6:15/6:30 be the 1st to hear the 2010 event schedule
pot lucks, cleanses, speakers, raw food prep classes...
Sunday December 27th 6pm at Catch A Healthy Habit Cafe!
One of the Top Raw Food Chefs in the BIZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! $15 pre-pay or $20 @ door
Brian James Lucas aka Chef BeLive has been creating raw and livin
g cuisine for 11 years. Originally he learned his skills from Juliano Brotman
(author of Raw, owner of Planet Raw Santa Monica)
and Jeremy Saffron(author of The Raw Truth)
Brian took over Juliano's restaurant in San Francisco when he moved
to Santa Monica to pursue opening Planet Raw, and started his
own restaurant Organica: The Living Cuisine from 98-99.
This will be his first East Coast appearance.
He will be sharing his culinary skills with a demonstration and
tasting of a couple of his recipes, along with Orgasm of the Taste Buds,
his teaser version of his up coming book with 30 recipes.
As a bonus, he is bringing a phenomenal product called Ormaji to the East Coast
for the first time as well. Ormaji is a clay that is high in monoatomics (ORMUS).
In Sanskrit, Ormaji means: Or- The Royal Precious Element.
Ma- Our Mother Earth, the master alchemist and giver of life.
Ji- Recognition of being perfect and sacred.
"A Gift from God, mate by Mother Earth.
" To find out more about it go to
To find out more about Brian aka BeLive go to

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