Monday, June 1, 2009

The Cowboy is Coming!

The Wooster Square Market RAWKS!
After an amazing weekend that featured Sergei Boutenko on Greens & Wild Foods
Saturday's rawking "Wooster Square" farmers market in New Haven 
+ the ECO Fest in Westport
Sunday's potluck and talk from Red Bee Honey's Marina  

Lisa & I are gearing up for another rawking weekend!

Before I share those detail the MENU has been updated!  
Zucchini Pasta w/Marinara Sauce w/ garlic bread & garlic butter
Hemp Nut Seed Burger w/ BBQ sauce
Cheesecake squares     Cinnamon rolls...
Come check it out!!!!

SATURDAY JUNE 6th will be the single biggest Day the Cafe has experienced
New Haven corner of DePalma & Chapel

6:00pm    Shamanic Drum Circle                            
$5 requested donation

7:30pm     Howard "The Madcowboy" Lyman      
$12  a few seats remain
Reserve your space for Howard visit  events to pay by paypal!

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