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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Glen's Cleanse Diary Day 5

The Catch A Healthy Habit Cleanse is officially 5 days. It is over as
I write this Saturday morning. I feel great! Lighter!!!!!!!!
I had three bowel movements yesterday of epic proportion and one already this am.
I had stuff that, finally, after giving the digestive system a break from incoming
FOOD to digest is processed some OLD stuff.
Of course this is only my opinion but it is my body and I know what I feel.
I waited until dinner time to have the famous Gazpacho soup,
and boy was it worth the wait!!

What is the plan for Saturday?
Lots of water to start the day -- 32 oz before I go to open Cafe at 9am.
The plan for the rest of the day: herbal tea when I get to Cafe followed
by a breakfast smoothie loaded with super foods!
I will pack 2 smoothies, 1 juice, an avocado and apple for my afternoon trip.
The cross country team I coach has a meet an hour away in Hartford.
Van leaves at noon and returns at 6pm.
I will eat dinner Saturday night and try to keep it real light agian until lunch on Sunday.

I will do one final wrap up blog on my cleanse week Sunday night/Monday morning!

CATCH A HEALTHY HABIT's next Supported Liquid Cleanse is November 9th-13th

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Glen's Cleanse Diary day 4

Thursday, like Tuesday you get a Chai Seed pudding along with 3 juices, a soup and a smoothie.
The chai seed pudding never taste better then when you eat one while on a cleanse. The smoothie was a green one, loaded with spinach, mango, orange and avocado. Super filling day. I have yet to consume the soup which is a coconut, yellow pepper soup. Again I am feeling great. Much lighter but not from a losing weight standpoint. Some aches and pains are less achy! I find myself getting stuff done! Yard work that has been doable for 4 weeks but has not got done is done this week!

On normal cleanse weeks when I go in early every morning to prepare the organic, gmo free goodies, by Wednesday I have to take a nap. This week napping has not crossed my mind!

Am I detoxing? Am I going number 2 five times a day?
What is happening is my body is working more efficient and it has me in a better mood and more focused.  If this week allows me to catch healthier habits than I had then it has been well worth it.
As Friday approaches I will share how I plan to break the cleanse and will I continue for another day or two??

PS Have you done the Catch A Healthy Habit Clease? We just started a private FB group where you can share about your experience, ask a question or leand support!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Glen's Cleanse Diary Day 3

I woke up feeling light and energetic! Wednesday is garbage day
and out that went, my garbage went out too!
A nice movement 1st thing in the am (#2) even made me feel lighter.
I chased that with 32 ounces of water, 8oz's of that I mixed in "Calm".
Off to Cafe to make the juices and…

I can't control myself when tomato juice meets green juice.
One of the juices today was parsley, cucumber and tomato.
After pouring the juice into bottles there was about 12 oz's left,
not for long, down the hatch it went! The same happened with t
he smoothie, Goji Power. Can't dump it down the drain.
Open the hatch! By 7:45 am I had the equivalent to two cleanse offerings.
It got ugly fast.  At 8:15 I grabbed for my actual parsley, cucumber,
tomato juice and slam, that was gone. I said to myself you gotta slow
down, but the mind (the voice) had a different take on things.

Things calmed down from there. I got out the door at 10:30 with
the rest of my liquids only having a ginger shot and a cup of Fire-Fly Chai tea.

So far here is my biggest take-away: if I am busy I am not grabbing and
stuffing food or juice in my mouth. After the Cafe I got the dogs and
hit the beach, followed by running some errands and WALA, I had
not thought about my juices, smoothies… I was not even hungy again
until 2pm. I grabbed two juices and headed to cross country practice.
At practice I felt great and ran 2.5 miles. Not a big deal but it was the
first time in a long time that I had run two days in a row!!!!

5:30 is dinner time, but what did I have left? To my surprise there was a
zucchini/avocado soup waiting for me. I added some kelp flakes and s
ome nasturtium flowers, for a little spice, and boy did that hit the spot!
A lot of water and HUMP day is done!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Glen's Cleanse Diary Day #2

Day #2 was actually easier - The "I'm Staving" moment came later in the day, after a juice and a big glass of water, it left the building! I took advantage of the Free Shots special on Tues. and Wed. and sucked down a ginger shot followed by a stiff "kick"! The complimentary tea was awesome today! 5th Charkra from Mountain Rose Herbs, I cheated, I had two cups. Organic Licorice root, organic Marshmallow root, organic Echinacea purpurea root, organic Orange peel, organic Cinnamon bark, organic Ginger root, organic Fennel seed, and organic Cloves.  
The Licorice root reminded me of the days when black sambuca was the shot of choice!!!!!!

I started the day with warm water and a scoop of "Natural Calm" - this assures that the #2 I talked about up top happens!!!!  Next it was #1 - green juice with oregano and tomato, then it was on to the smoothie by late morning.
After walking the dogs (12:30) it was a nap in the sun outside on the deck!
Awake to a Chia pudding, I added cinnamon and nutmeg!!! YUMMY -- super full at this point!
On to coach cross country at a local HS at 2:45 -- I took #3 and #6 with with me and a large mug of water. I ran 2.5 miles and FELT AWESOME. I drank the water and #3. Returned home to walk the dogs again and my favorite part of the day…. drum roll…. a 40 minute infa red sauna that is in our guest bedroom! MAN DID I SWEAT!!!!!!!  SWEAT = DETOX!!!!!!
At 9:00 I am signing off happy to go to sleep feeling amazing!

Monday, October 5, 2015

Glen's Cleanse diary Day One!

The is the week of the October Liquid Cleanse at Catch A Healthy Habit Cafe!
5 days - juices, smoothies, soups, chia pudding, herbal tea and shots….
It is the 1st time I am doing the cleanse since August 2014!
I was hungry - not going to lie!
I had a mindless eating moment!
I looked in the dessert fridge at the Cafe, 1st thing this am, and saw
a Chia Seed pudding had expired so I grabbed it, put some
bee pollen on it and ate.
With the last spoon I remembered that I am on the CLEANSE!
No biggie, just Almond milk and chia seeds!

I am writing this just after 10pm and I feel great.
Lots of energy but I gotta hit the hay as wake up is at 5:30.
(Time to make the Juice)
My take away is to not listen to the voice saying
"What's one piece of chocolate going to do…"
The mind, that voice is not you, it is the voice not supporting you,
it's that voice addicted to sugar,
addicted to mindless eating…
That voice lost today. Voice 0-1  Glen 1-0

My favorite: The Fruity Brazil
Inca berries, raisins, red apple, avocado, raspberries and brazil nut milk!