Saturday, June 16, 2018

Happy Father's Day

Technically Father's Day starts 2hrs from the time I am writing this but the thought just occurred that there in only one day for the Fathers, one day for the Mothers... why not more? Trying to answer that is not why I am writing, I am writing to dump on how every special gathering creates an opportunity to eat way to much food and chances are very high that the food is NOT HEALTHY. Many of the people reading this know that grilling is dangerous to your health. I drove two blocks from my house today and noticed 5 homes having gatherings and all with smoke signals coming out of the back yard that came from burning flesh. As we gather and honor the Dads everywhere at least eat some salad and if you know the host is not going offer it bring it yourself. It is time that healthy food start infiltrating the social gathering and becoming OK to eat with your health in mine. And why you are at it,  pass on dessert. No doubt it will be filled with GMO sugar, canola oil and dairy products that are very close to being as bad as grilling was described above.
Have a happy and healthy Fathers Day!
Catch A Healthy Habit Cafe is open Sunday from 11:00am-4:00pm
Eat Organic - SMILE, LAUGH and drink clean water!

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Organic Always Wins

Catch A Healthy Habit Cafe got a new neighbor last week! A chain joint that specializes in smoothie bowls, but also does smoothies, juices and coffee. The response over the past month to them moving in has been mixed. What if they take are marginal customers? What if .... As reality settled in and they actually opened, giving their first 50 smoothie bowls away for free, we have experienced an interesting thing! Parents who have kids who want to try, have let them go there and they have come to see us. Also as they their followers come to see them they may walk by us, great advertising!!!!
We will keep hustling and churning out the best organic only bowls, smoothies, juices, coffee, food and desserts and we will celebrate our 9th anniversary in November and many more!
And we are 100% organic from our produce to our coconuts to our sprouts and beyond!
Organic always wins ALWAYS!!!!!!!

Saturday, June 9, 2018

The Day after the 5 day cleanse

I feel great! Down 4 pounds! I woke up (7:30) hungry this am and ate a red apple. That one apple squashed the hunger pains until 12:30. I was at a Bat Mitzvah and luckily they had an after lunch with organic cut melon! I ate a meal worth of melon! Many say melon is the the perfect break-fast meal!!!!! Also mono dealing is ideal the day after as your digestive system has been on a 5 day vacation!. At 3:30 I made my way to the Cafe and created a smoothie that was delicious.
2 bananas 2 spoons of cacao nibs, 3 cups of pecan milk, 1tsp of spirulina, 1 gains scoop of Health Warrior vanilla protein powder. Yummy!  Feel great!!!!!!! Tonights Bat Mitzvah party will be the exception as far as me eating at gathering like this. GMO labeling advocate and long time customer Tara Cook-Littman happens to be in charge of the menu as her daughter Ava is being celebrated.
My goal tonight is not to over eat. If I do I will try to dance more!!!!

I had not done 5 days worth of just liquids since 2016 and I needed it!
Here is how I know...
I did a colonic on the Thursday (day 4) of the cleanse and there was an awful lot of stuff that
that was washed out!!!!!! I posted a 5 part series of the actual colonic on youtube.

Catch A Healthy Habit Cafe has 18 cleanse this June of 18' and all did well.
I did a video on Facebook with the founder of Elliptical Clair Mason
and hope to do more interviews of cleansers past and present!

Next cleanse is July 9th-13th
call 203 292 8190

Friday, June 8, 2018

I am back! Gotta share about my recent Colonic appointment!

Very eye opening experience. My 1st colonic was
back in 2003. Since then I have done approx. 25.
This was the 1st time that the practitioner did not insert the 
tube, guess who did that? Me.... Once I got it in there, with the help 
of some oil, she re-entered the room and turned on the water (irrigation).
The tank was set for 8 gallons. One minute in she had to turn the water off as my belly got uncomfortable. Some belly massaging and the water came back on. Repeat... I was 20 minutes in and 4 on/off's that a blockage was released. A good amount of poop came out, and with the help of a mirror and a clear tube I watched in amazement. Not all machines have the clear tube!!!!! The session was suppose to take 40 minutes. At the 40 minute mark the flood gate began to open. Thankfully the practitioner added 4 gallons of water and let the release continue. 30 minutes and a lot of debris later we were complete. I was lighter and in amazement, that all that stuff was in me. 
I captured some of this on video (there are 5 parts)  part 1

Lady Doc's 630 Brooklawn Ave Bridgeport (203) 612 7600
Dr. Brenda Jones ND, CH, CNHP