Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Clean House!

Cleaning House can mean alot of things!
My meaning is to clean out your stuff!
Clean your car - your office...
Yes get the sh*t out! It is toxic!
Recommendations for everybody:
1. set an appointment with a trusted colon hydro therapist
(i see Mary in east haven / i will share info if you are looking)
2. leading up the colonic eat light - lots of liquids (no meat/dairy)
3. honor your appointment in a positive happy place!
4. upon concluding colonic drink lots of water & again eat light!
Catch A Healthy Habit Cafe is please to announce
we will be offering a Loving Liquid Cleanse
in mid September!
5 days worth of juices + smoothies + soups + a colonic
and most importantly SUPPORT!!!!!!!!!!!
Stay Tuned!

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