Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It Has Been Awhile!

Cafe has been rocking!
The Cafe's 1st supported Cleanse is two days
and 2 support calls in! All are cleansing!

The Bands Rawked the House Last Saturday!
The soon to be announced Raw Supports Group
gatherings had a pre meeting this Sunday = Awesome!

The Raw Superfood Company ELEMENTS FOR LIFE is delivering
Superfoods to all & the feed back is off the charts!!!!!
Our Next Superfood Blowout is 10/12 5pm Potluck & Superfood Elixir Demo
+ how to become a Superhero!!!!!!!!!!!

FRANK GIGLIO has done it! Even better than finishing a 100 mile race
he finished his 1st Edition Raw Food Prep Book! The Cafe has it for $20

The Raw Food Doctors will be at the Cafe 10/18 All Day Workshop!
Register before 10/1 to save and guarantee yourself a spot!!!!!!!!!!!

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