Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Opening Day is Nearing


1st I want to introduce myself!
I am Glen Colello a 38 year old who is set to venture into

Ever since walking into Organic Ave in NYC (then on Ludlowe St)
I wanted CT to have a place to buy raw food, raw snacks, raw necessities and most of all to just plain hang out! A Coffee House feel without coffee!
Well 4 years later here I am. The universe offered & I signed a lease!
The space features already working cafe, tables, chairs, fridges... they were looking for someone to sublease.
An in less than 3 weeks I will be open for business!

HERE'S WHERE YOU COME IN - Please Share!!!
List your favorite smoothie recipe
2. Name one or two speakers you would pay $10-$25 to listen speak/demo
3. What unique concept should Catch A Healthy Habit Cafe have?

Thanks for now!

Menu to be posted soon!
As well as pictures of Cafe then & now!
GRAND OPENING FEB. 10th 11am-8pm!
(Hope to be open prior to 2/10 stay posted!)


Lovingraw said...

Congrats on your new blog site and you store! Can't wait for my first juice!

Imani said...

Hey Glen! Congrats on the great news! Connecticut needs more raw food! Let me know if you need anything! Let's find ways to cross promote and grow the raw food network in New England! Imani & The Alchemy Cafe

Emily said...

Congratulations Glen! Wishing you the best with the new cafe.

Emily Rutherford,

Mike Chocolate said...

Hi Glen
congrats and I want to visit and bring Oog Chocolates to your new cafe.
I also want to just say that I was traveling the other day and made a smoothie in a friends old sunbeam blender.
2 bananas
2 granny smith apples
vitamineral green powder
crystal manna flakes
coconut butter
pumpkin seeds
goji berries
not more than a spoonful of almond butter
cacao nibs
mesquite powder
3 ribs of celery
1 lemon (or juice of)

This smoothie surprised me and filled me up. Use your intuition for the quantities. Great news for the world that you are doing this.
I'd love to pay $10 to see Jonathan Winters at your cafe. I'd actually pay $25 for that. Thanks for blazing the raw trail in your area. I hope to visit from Brooklyn.
Mike Chocolate

Wendy May said...

Hi Glen! congratulations on your new blog and store!! I agree with Imani, CT needs more raw food!!
Wow! Mike's recipe looks like a lot of fun too!! I'll have to try it : )

What if you incorporated music? Maybe where people could come to hang out, eat, and play something acoustic i.e. guitars, something mellow since it looks like you'll be doing poetry, it might fit?
Looking forward to seeing you at your new place!
: )

FreeSpirit said...

Hey Glen!

I can't wait to be a loyal customer in the cafe. Thanks for providing New Haven County with more raw options. I agree with the idea for music and art - maybe poetry or acoustic guitar on the weekends? There's a guy, Tim Palmieri, who's brilliant with guitar (plays down at BAR every Wednesday night) That'd be fun to have! :)

Also, what about wireless internet? I'd love to come after teaching class & have a spot to work/read before trekking back over the Q bridge... these are just some ideas, but I'm sure the food will be enough of a reason to come there too! ;)

Good luck!!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Glen.Wow!!!!..I knew you were headed in this direction and we all NEED this kind of place.
I love the whole,ART(for sure)and internet....amazing food(the best part) and fun.
Let me know what you have planned for some cool art on the walls??? Best in your setup!!!! Bette

C said...

fantastic glen! just wish you were closer...

Tismepauli said...

good luck Brother! You are a blessing to all of us!