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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Calm Before the Storm of Rawness!

Thanks to all that ordered Holiday Treats from Lisa!
Wow they look AWESOME! Pick up is Wednesday 2pm-7pm
Happy Holiday's!

Starting Sunday The Cafe will be in overdrive!!!!!!

Sunday 11/30 Potluck 5pm + 7pm "A Delicate Balance"
Wednesday December 3rd 7pm
A 4 Course Raw Food Meal
prepared by
Lisa & Frankie G!
$55 seats are limited!
Thursday 12/4:What Your Doctors Do Not Want You To Know
free talk by Dr. Behgat Syed 6:30pm
Friday 12/5: Murder Mystery Party sponsored by
Look At Me Now Wellness Center
Saturday 12/6: THE SPROUTMAN
6pm $10 see video below
Sunday 12/7
Holiday Party!
3pm bring your ingredients & prep
your dish for the Pot Luck at 5pm
or just come and help those prepping!
5pm Pot Luck LIVE MUSIC!
8pm 1st 9 months SLIDE SHOW!

THE SPROUTMAN on youtube

on-line shopping this season???

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