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Monday, May 18, 2009

Catch A Healthy Habit is Heating Up!

Wow! April was pretty Hot!
Dr. Brian Clement - David Wolfe!!!!!!
MAY IS HOTTER!!!!!!!!!!
Already a
kick a_s drum circle ,
Kevin & Annmarie Gianni from Renegade Health ,

35 customers took part in our
Week long Juice Cleanse
and Raw Dawg Rory
Kombucha Tea!

what's left? LOTS!

Friday 23rd Superfood Happy Hour 5-7pm
$5 smoothies 2 for 1 shots
Saturday 24th visit us at the
Wooster Square Farmers Market 9am-1pm
on the corner of DePalma & Chapel
this and every Saturday!!!!!
Sunday 25th Rawkin LIVE MUSIC
4-7pm free all ages!
Sunday 25th Pot Luck Dinner 5pm
Friday 29th Superfood Happy Hour 5-7pm
$5 smoothies 2 for 1 shots

Friday 29th Sergei Boutenko
Greens & Edible Wild Foods

Sunday 31st Pot Luck at 5pm
Presentation on Honey & Bees at 7pm

sneak peak into June
6/6 Drum Circle
6/6 Howard The Mad Cowboy Lyman
6/12 Learn about the best Nutrition School Ever 6pm

6/23 Happy Oasis

1 comment:

Lucia from Madison said...

I just heard about your cafe on Saturday at the Farmer's Market on Wooster Square. I live in Madison now but I grew up in West Haven. I wish we had a place like yours when I lived there. I will be visiting you cafe the next Saturday I visit my dad. I can't wait!