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Friday, October 9, 2009

West Haven Rawks & Fairfield to Rawk!

The West Haven location is still Rawking!
Fresh batch of Brownies, flax crackers, onion bread, homemade chocolates
and chocolate covered macaroons!
Sunday Pot Luck at 5:30
7pm post pot luck: Open forum! discuss what is new in raw, mini raw prep...
OCTOBER 15th @ 6:30 Raw Dawg Rory will present: Just Desserts
* Strawberry Pie
* Banana Ice Creme
* Chocolate Fudge Sauce
* Fig Walnut brownies
You will get samples of everything made that night / $25 Rsvp required!
Fairfield Update
Tuesday to the Building Dept for OK on plan
This weekend connect and set time lines with contractors
Craig's List restaurant equipment...
Lisa has been working it!

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