Friday, October 14, 2022

We Are Still Here! 2022

It's been over four years since our last post!!!! 

A lot has happened since then. CoVid not only took a toll on

many peoples health throughout the world, it also affected small businesses.

According to "cbia" report: Over 1/3 of Connecticut's Small Businesses Closed in 2020.

Catch A Healthy Habit Cafe never, for one day, closed our doors. We understood that the people

that cared about what they were putting into their body would be relying on us to be here.

Most of retail left the building as customers were doing UBER and curbside delivery...

We are slowly returning to normal... New Hours: Monday-Friday 8:00-3:00 + Saturday 9:00-3:00

Lisa "BEAT BOBBY FLAY" and the night the Food Network showed it on TV was we were all subject

to "Lockdowns".  Wanna watch it on line, search "Sibling Rivalry"!

Lisa had to 1st beat her brother Matt (Match, Match Burger Lobster, Brown's Marina)

In 2018 we were pretty much all RAW, today we are COOKING!

Rice, Quinoa, Sweet potato's, crock pot soups, Vegan Sushi, Buckwheat waffles.... 

French press coffee... Hot or Iced



100% VEGAN (except honey)

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