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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Friday Night! Sold Out!

SOLD OUT!!!!!!!!!!
The response has been great!!!!
Please arrive before 6pm
The Menu is STOCKED!
Ice Cream galore
Pizza, Cookies, Chocolate
WHEATGRASS, Sprouts, Green Juice...

Below is a list of the names that have registered
Sorry no walk ups
Call me at 203-521-7648

Marquita Auffenberg
Oliver Bodine
Mark Braunstien
Patrick Casey
Patrick Casey
Colette Compton
Lally Cordinsky
Carol Dipetro
Tim Flannigan
Florina Florescu
Viorel Florescu
Jennie French
Beryl Garbow
Kevin Gianni
Ann Marie Gianni
Gil Gilberto
Craig Hall
Pam Hatfield
Laurie Judge
Laurie Judge
Laurie Judge
Ken Kidder
Christine Kidder
Edit Manifore
Phililp McCluskey
Richard Neuman
Del Orsleoske
Tri Orsleoske
Walter Poe
Bill Poe
Mary Quesnel
Nickola Quesnel
Jen Sabo
Lily Siegel
Sue Stebbins
Sue Stebbins
Mindy Struwas
Suzie Sutton
Jen Teacher
Greg Tonkowhich
Susan Trevevan
Eric Triffin
Vivian Vera
Vivian Vera
Vivian Vera
Linda Viddle
Lorine Zdanowski

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