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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The Holidays are here! Will your digestive system survive?

This post is not on what to eat or what not to eat from now
until Jan. 2nd but the ancillary things you
can do to give your digestive system a chance!!!
1. Chew Chew Chew… and repeat!
    Health.USnews nails it here in this article!
2. Drinking while you eat will cause you
    digestive system to be Beat!
    1/2 hr. before or an hour later but not with your meal.
     I know it sucks to not gulp down
    that wine with you entree but the digestive system
    does not love extra liquids
     when it has food to digest.
     The Food Babe drives home this point!
3. Just Eat! Let eating be the only thing you are doing.
    Get to the dinner table!
    No computer, phone… allowed!
4. Before your 1st bite --RELAX take a few deep breaths…
    If you just yelled at the dog for
    snatching a peice of bread off the counter
                     chill out before you start eating!!!!

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