Tuesday, December 15, 2015

A look inside the Catch A Healthy Habit Cafe liquid cleanse!

As Friday December 11th came to an end it marked the final day of the final liquid cleanse of 2015.
Each month the Cafe staff gears up for the liquid cleanse we offer. Between 10 and 20 participants, many are return cleansers, sign-up with different goals in mind. Some want to lose weight, some get back "on" the wagon, maybe that blood work did not come back as good as last time, your cravings are kicking your ass… nothing five days of organic liquids, made with love, cannot help!

You can do a liquid cleanse anytime you want either at a local place or on-line with the offerings being overnighted to you. The Cafe picks one week each month, typically the 1st full week, and the staff at Catch A Healthy Habit Cafe really rallies! One staff member + glen arrive each morning around 5:30am, turn on the music, plug in the juicer and juice away! Typically we make 4 juices and 1 smoothie and brew a tasty herbal tea between 5:30 and 7:15am. Cleansers start arriving at 7:30am to pick up their 100% organic goodies. A Purple Cafe carry bag is given to each cleanser on Monday and filled with 4 juices, 1 smoothie and 1 soup + a menu of all the ingredients in each offering.
Starting the Friday before the cleanse even starts education/support emails are sent to prepare new cleansers to thrive during the week while also supporting and educating return cleansers!
As Jan. 2016 approaches an before you sign up for a liquid cleanse research the various cleanses that
you can choose from and be sure that there are knowlegable people to support your journey into liquid living!  see our cleanse page on http://www.catchahealthyhabit.com/events 

                                 Have the best finish to 2015 and by far the best 2016 ever!


Mantis Hugo said...
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Dave Greason said...

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Mantis Hugo said...

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