Monday, February 25, 2008

3 Weeks Open and Energy is Off the Charts!

Friday The snow kept must wanna be customers home playing in the snow or shoveling!
So far all the youth customers have loved the Tropical Trip Smoothie!
Banana's, Mango, Strawberries
Far cry from anything served to them in the school systems!

Saturday & Sunday they came and came!
I am meeting so many cool people!
Hearing them say "I am soooo glad your here!" is music to my ears!

WHAT IS NEW AT THE CAFE! Betty the resident Artist has done an amazing job with the walls & the community table! Come check it out!!!!!!

Yale University Law School has agreed to host Howard Lyman
Sunday April 13th @7:30 to accommodate the huge crowd that he will attract!
Exact location tba.
I will co-host /mc & set up retail table!

Rumor has it they will be serving horduerves & no charge to attend (un-official!)
Complete details coming soon!

two very powerful additions to anybodies lifestyle
just imagine if we were brought up with the slogan
"Got Wheat Grass" vs "Got Milk"

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