Thursday, February 21, 2008

A RAWking Week!

The week started with a surprise visit from Vanessa Barg loaded with the popular raw chocolate bars hand made by her: the gnosis chocolate bars!
So many cool outlandish flavors.
It was just barley delivered and three bars were purchased!
Above Tracey is excited to meet the creator of these amazing bars!
A cool young hair stylist agreed to cut my hair at the cafe for smoothies!!!!!!
Took a shot in front of the shop with West Haven mayor!
Paul Nison came to town & delivered an amazing talk in front of 40 eager open minded people at Yoga for Everybody in Fairfield
Always a good day when the goods are delivered
fresh organic cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, apples, sprouts...
LATE HOURS! Free Night for me -- come down & hang out!
We can crank the music - Talk raw ... Rawk Out!!!!
I'll stay open as long as people wanna chill out!
Hours 11:00-5:30
POT LUCK at 5:30 Movie at 7:00

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