Monday, February 4, 2008

Wow! Whatta 1st Day of Business!

The day stared at 9am I am writing this at 12:25am (Mon)
What an amazing day!
The vistors were constant!
Opened at 12 - 12:09 1st visitor dropped off a peice to the wheat grass machine that I bought from her - good thing cause wheat grass was a hit!
The many that stopped by included a young lady that found info on the cafe via and stopped by on her way from piscatuay to middletown and hung out for 4 hrs.
A young couple wer so excited as the young lady started raw in Jan. and now she can get her stuff here vs online. My little bro via "Big Brothers Big Sisters" and mom stoped by.
Paulie, remember Paulie - he installed my water filter pictue in earlier blog.
Philip from into 2nd week of juice feast.

**Three high school girls from Trumbull who have been supportive helping out at the space came to see the finished product - Only one was brave enough to try a wheat grass shot!
It took her 25 minutes after having the shot in hand to down it but she did it!
There is hope for the next generation!

Board games broke led by owners and cafe guest were having a great time!
The night concluded not with the viewing of the Toilet Bowl game but of the movie "Go Further" starring Woody Harrelson. Viewers took something powerful away about how our enviroment is neglected by the powers to be!

See you soon!


Katie said...

haha you added the pic! yay for laura trying the wheat grass! i will eventually :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Glen! We are so excited for you!

Kristen and your nieces