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Monday, April 7, 2008

Big Week!

Fun Crowd Enjoying the Pot Luck Documentary Sunday 4/6
Tons of "Pasta" & "Pizza" and Raw Chocolate!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday: Food Store Tour with Hartford Courant Reporters 7pm
(Cafe Closes at 6pm)
Whole Foods in West Hartford - all welcome to join us!

Wednesday: Rawking Food Prep Classes 9:30am or 6:30pm
(Cafe Closes at 6:30)

Dressings/Salads & Smoothies - $25 includes lunch!
Friday: Filming at the Cafe for
Renegade Health & Kevin Gianni
(open to public)
Sunday: HOWARD LYMAN at Yale Law School 127 Wall Street
(Cafe Closes at 6:30)
If you have already sent a $10 donation for Howard THANKS!

* Save the Date Friday 5/2 LIVE MUSIC
Caitlin from "Caitlin on Drums" will be playing
acoustic guitar & singing starting at 8:30pm
no cover

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