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Friday, April 18, 2008


Take Off the Covers - Open the Windows - Breathe Deep!

It's is in the Air! The shift is happening! Raw Foods are becoming the choice!
When given the choice more raw foods are chosen!
This Thursday 6 Tropical Trips & 6 Banana Boats sold!
A guy walking by on lunch break on his way to get a slice of pizza
stopped in & said a smoothie sounds better than a piece a pizza!

SUNDAY: Pot Luck & Documentary
5:30/6:00 bring a raw or cooked vegetarian dish to serve 6-8
bring your own plates & severing utensils
"ALL JACKED UP!" bring your teenager!

TUESDAY: 7pm Frank Giglio - Raw Food Chef spent ten months at The Tree of Life!
Endurance Athlete/running a 100 foot race in July! Training on Raw Food!

WEDNESDAY: Viewing & Discussion of "Raw For Life" 9:30am& 6:30pm
Free for those that attended a Rawking Wednesday Class & their guest
$10 for all others

Save the dates Friday May 2nd - Live Music 8:30 pm all age show
Monday May 5th ICE CREAM BLOW OUT!!!!!!!! details coming soon!

Hartford Courant Reporters update!

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