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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Share the RAWNESS!

Free Exercise classes Saturday's 9am through July 26th
The past 3 months have been amazing!
Meeting so many new, cool, open & fun people!
Serving smoothies, salads,ice cream... has been awesome!
Watching transformation in people that are doing more raw,
only because it's an option has been outlandish to be a part of!!!!!
Offering talks by
Howard Lyman, Philip, myself (this tues 7pm)
The Father of Raw Foods 7/11, The Raw Food Doctors 10/18
Raw Food prep classes by
frankie & Lisa
Doing RAW FOOD DINNERS (next one coming soon)
Pot Luck's & Documentaries
Live Music (next dates
7/12 & 8/1)
Come & Bring a Friend!

1 comment:

aurora said...

Hi, I would love to attend some of your raw food prep classes but I am not available Wednesday evenings. If you repeat classes in the Fall, could you consider Thursday nights or a weekday afternoon? Also, do you have any special class rates for people like me who are on a set income (disabled)? Thanks for taking the time to consider my questions/comments.