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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Glen's Cleanse Diary day 4

Thursday, like Tuesday you get a Chai Seed pudding along with 3 juices, a soup and a smoothie.
The chai seed pudding never taste better then when you eat one while on a cleanse. The smoothie was a green one, loaded with spinach, mango, orange and avocado. Super filling day. I have yet to consume the soup which is a coconut, yellow pepper soup. Again I am feeling great. Much lighter but not from a losing weight standpoint. Some aches and pains are less achy! I find myself getting stuff done! Yard work that has been doable for 4 weeks but has not got done is done this week!

On normal cleanse weeks when I go in early every morning to prepare the organic, gmo free goodies, by Wednesday I have to take a nap. This week napping has not crossed my mind!

Am I detoxing? Am I going number 2 five times a day?
What is happening is my body is working more efficient and it has me in a better mood and more focused.  If this week allows me to catch healthier habits than I had then it has been well worth it.
As Friday approaches I will share how I plan to break the cleanse and will I continue for another day or two??

PS Have you done the Catch A Healthy Habit Clease? We just started a private FB group where you can share about your experience, ask a question or leand support!

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