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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Glen's Cleanse Diary Day 5

The Catch A Healthy Habit Cleanse is officially 5 days. It is over as
I write this Saturday morning. I feel great! Lighter!!!!!!!!
I had three bowel movements yesterday of epic proportion and one already this am.
I had stuff that, finally, after giving the digestive system a break from incoming
FOOD to digest is processed some OLD stuff.
Of course this is only my opinion but it is my body and I know what I feel.
I waited until dinner time to have the famous Gazpacho soup,
and boy was it worth the wait!!

What is the plan for Saturday?
Lots of water to start the day -- 32 oz before I go to open Cafe at 9am.
The plan for the rest of the day: herbal tea when I get to Cafe followed
by a breakfast smoothie loaded with super foods!
I will pack 2 smoothies, 1 juice, an avocado and apple for my afternoon trip.
The cross country team I coach has a meet an hour away in Hartford.
Van leaves at noon and returns at 6pm.
I will eat dinner Saturday night and try to keep it real light agian until lunch on Sunday.

I will do one final wrap up blog on my cleanse week Sunday night/Monday morning!

CATCH A HEALTHY HABIT's next Supported Liquid Cleanse is November 9th-13th

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