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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Glen's Cleanse Diary Day 3

I woke up feeling light and energetic! Wednesday is garbage day
and out that went, my garbage went out too!
A nice movement 1st thing in the am (#2) even made me feel lighter.
I chased that with 32 ounces of water, 8oz's of that I mixed in "Calm".
Off to Cafe to make the juices and…

I can't control myself when tomato juice meets green juice.
One of the juices today was parsley, cucumber and tomato.
After pouring the juice into bottles there was about 12 oz's left,
not for long, down the hatch it went! The same happened with t
he smoothie, Goji Power. Can't dump it down the drain.
Open the hatch! By 7:45 am I had the equivalent to two cleanse offerings.
It got ugly fast.  At 8:15 I grabbed for my actual parsley, cucumber,
tomato juice and slam, that was gone. I said to myself you gotta slow
down, but the mind (the voice) had a different take on things.

Things calmed down from there. I got out the door at 10:30 with
the rest of my liquids only having a ginger shot and a cup of Fire-Fly Chai tea.

So far here is my biggest take-away: if I am busy I am not grabbing and
stuffing food or juice in my mouth. After the Cafe I got the dogs and
hit the beach, followed by running some errands and WALA, I had
not thought about my juices, smoothies… I was not even hungy again
until 2pm. I grabbed two juices and headed to cross country practice.
At practice I felt great and ran 2.5 miles. Not a big deal but it was the
first time in a long time that I had run two days in a row!!!!

5:30 is dinner time, but what did I have left? To my surprise there was a
zucchini/avocado soup waiting for me. I added some kelp flakes and s
ome nasturtium flowers, for a little spice, and boy did that hit the spot!
A lot of water and HUMP day is done!

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