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Monday, October 5, 2015

Glen's Cleanse diary Day One!

The is the week of the October Liquid Cleanse at Catch A Healthy Habit Cafe!
5 days - juices, smoothies, soups, chia pudding, herbal tea and shots….
It is the 1st time I am doing the cleanse since August 2014!
I was hungry - not going to lie!
I had a mindless eating moment!
I looked in the dessert fridge at the Cafe, 1st thing this am, and saw
a Chia Seed pudding had expired so I grabbed it, put some
bee pollen on it and ate.
With the last spoon I remembered that I am on the CLEANSE!
No biggie, just Almond milk and chia seeds!

I am writing this just after 10pm and I feel great.
Lots of energy but I gotta hit the hay as wake up is at 5:30.
(Time to make the Juice)
My take away is to not listen to the voice saying
"What's one piece of chocolate going to do…"
The mind, that voice is not you, it is the voice not supporting you,
it's that voice addicted to sugar,
addicted to mindless eating…
That voice lost today. Voice 0-1  Glen 1-0

My favorite: The Fruity Brazil
Inca berries, raisins, red apple, avocado, raspberries and brazil nut milk!


Michael Hienzsch said...

oh my Gosh... Can we still get one of those? The Fruity Brazil? You could have a 'Smoothie of the Day!'

You are a great writer. Thank you for sharing your personal experience. Love the concept of 'Voice' being the one that tells you what you cannot do. I do believe there are forces out there that serve as entropy for us, the one that tells us what we can't do, I term as 'the liar'.

I did have avocado last night. I put it in the red pepper coconut soup and WOW! created something dynamite.

I could look at it as a failure from a juice fast. I have done 59 day juice fasts. But it leaves me like a boomerang because I cannot keep that 'Day 59' state, which I love because my clothes fit and I have energy. I DO need to figure this out and penetrate the 'juicing protocol' to reach a healthier level of eating and monitoring myself. That has been 'no go'.

So boasting about my 59 day juice fast is out, or my 11 day water fast in Panama, with Loren. I now have to focus on how to do this to last.

I found your comment about, if you are STARVING and have to eat, have an avocado and some celery sticks, no alarm will sound and no one will take you away in handcuffs, particularly illuminating. This is all about being healthy, and not an artificial achievement.

I hope to discover more friendly ways to subsist a healthier eating lifestyle. I seem to have the basic nuts and bolts of what are healthy foods. I now need to figure out how to put that together in an easy way for EASY meals and snacks. I find that much of my study into healthy foods is of the complex, fancy, and showing off type. I will now focus on the mundane, 'get your life together' type of eating!

That said, I am thankful for this 5 day re-set. It is SO worth the money.

Michael Hienzsch said...

And, that was not Michael Hiensch, but his wife, Mary Artemis!