Sunday, June 10, 2018

Organic Always Wins

Catch A Healthy Habit Cafe got a new neighbor last week! A chain joint that specializes in smoothie bowls, but also does smoothies, juices and coffee. The response over the past month to them moving in has been mixed. What if they take are marginal customers? What if .... As reality settled in and they actually opened, giving their first 50 smoothie bowls away for free, we have experienced an interesting thing! Parents who have kids who want to try, have let them go there and they have come to see us. Also as they their followers come to see them they may walk by us, great advertising!!!!
We will keep hustling and churning out the best organic only bowls, smoothies, juices, coffee, food and desserts and we will celebrate our 9th anniversary in November and many more!
And we are 100% organic from our produce to our coconuts to our sprouts and beyond!
Organic always wins ALWAYS!!!!!!!

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